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About Sateraito Office/NextSet

・Sateraito Office provides Add-On Solutions for G Suite / Whereas NextSet provides Add-On Solutions for Office365. Sateraito Office Group is the company who is bringing value-added cloud services to customer!

・Here is our Add-On Service Introduction Video

Until now, we are supporting customers from below regions
Japan, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, HongKong, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, German, Korea


Office365 Add-Ons

We are providing the below Office365 Add-On solutions. Office 365 Customers can use our add-ons on top of their Office 365 environment. Customer can select one or many solutions and install to their Office365 environment.


Google Apps Add-Ons

Our Google Apps Add-Ons are published under Google Apps Marketplace. Google Apps Customers can use our solutions as an Add-Ons on top of the Google Apps environment. Customers can select one or many add-ons to install to their Google Apps environment!


Latest News from Office365 / Google Apps Add-Ons

(Attention)Group Calendar: reached 5000 companies 700 thousands accounts

(Attention) Workflow: reached 2500 companies 400 thousands accounts

(New)Workflow: released Approval Route Builder function!

(New)Workflow: released Approval Group function!

(New)Workflow: released Approval Group function!