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Service Overview

"Sateraito Office Timecard for Google Workspace" provides time management function for your Google Workspace environment. Timecard is a cloud-based time management function, works seamlessly with Google Site.

Install Timecard
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Features Summary

・4 buttons "ClockOn/ClockOff/Going out/Back to work" helps you to register your time
・Provide gadgets to work inside Google Site
・View your own registered working time, your colleage's working time
・IP address is also acquired
・Administrator can view all members' registered time, export data to CSV file
・Administrator can edit registered time. Administrator can also delegate members to edit registered time
・Support Google Workspace multi domains
・Support multi languages (English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spain, Chinese and more ...)
・(Developing)Support managing time for users outside of Google Workspace domain

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Install Timecard
(For Administrator)Trial Version



What is "Sateraito Office Timecard for Google Workspace"?
"Sateraito Office Timecard for Google Workspace" is a cloud-based time management function for Google Workspace environment. Sateraito Office Timecard is developed in Google App Engine and work seamlessly with Google Site.

Can I place a time management widget on my portal site?
Yes you can. Timecard has a time registration gadget can be added to Google Site. Please feel free to place Timecard's gadgets to any w Here in your Google Site.

Can I download registered time information?
Yes you can. Administrator can download registered time to csv format file.

How can I know from w Here the employees register their time?
Timecard can acquire IP address information along with registering time. You can check IP address of each registration.


Install Timecard
(For Administrator)Trial Version